Friday, November 25, 2011

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Price Wars: Apple vs. Dell

Dell Logo
Prior to owning my MacBook Pro 13, I had always subscribed to the belief that Macs were significantly more expensive than other computer brands (Dell, HP, etc.).  So, in 2009 when my Sony Vaio was no longer cutting the mustard, I started shopping for a new laptop and I found the (expensive) stigma that Macs had wasn't really true.  At the time I took the MacBook Pro 13 feature for feature with a comparable Dell laptop.  And it turned out that the Dell was actually $50.00 more expensive than the MacBook Pro 13 that I had chosen.  So, now I am curious if the same holds true today.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

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Nike+ iPod vs. Nike+ GPS

Nike+ iPod Sensor
I recently took up running and like every new runner I needed some motivation to keep me going.  Enter Nike+ iPod.  Nike+ iPod can be used with just about any iPod, and if you happen to have an iPhone or an iPod Touch then all you need is the transmitter since the sensor is built-in.

I had an iPhone, so all I needed was the Nike+ transmitter.  And after I bought the Nike+ transmitter, I realized that there is a $1.99 Nike+ GPS app that works with the iPhone with no transmitter required.  Did I just waste $20.00 on the Nike+ transmitter when I could have simply purchased a $1.99 app.  Well, yes and no.  Nike+ iPod and Nike+ GPS are two entirely different animals that serve similar purposes.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

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Replacing Cable TV with Internet TV

There have recently been a ton of stories about existing devices that can be used in place of cable: Apple TV, Roku, etc.  But these devices lack extensibility and they come with relatively few features.  Sure, you can get NetFlix on either Roku or Apple TV.  But is NetFlix enough to give up cable TV?  Not for me.  I want NetFlix, but I also want Hulu-style TV and my existing videos, music and pictures.  I want an HTPC and that's exactly what I got.  You can have one too and this post will tell you how.